Below is a snapshot into Jolly Pirates Pre-School, we provide the Northern Ireland Pre-School Curriculum. We promote all 6 areas of the curriculum through our classroom and outdoor spaces.

Welcome to Jolly Pirates Pre-school – our indoor facilities

Have a look at our classroom.

Exploring some indoor activities.

Welcome to our outdoor facilities

Have a look at our outdoor environments – we have 5 areas for the children to explore.

The outdoor play cabin

Track garden and planting area

Outdoor Gardens and Fairyland Forest

Enjoying some activities outdoors

Jolly Pirates Pre-school: trips and visits

At Jolly Pirates Pre-School we enjoy exploring the World Around Us. We like to take part in a variety of trips and visits over the year, within our local area and further afield. Below is a snapshot into some of the activities we take part in and we also have regular music classes throughout each month.